Everyone can do it!

Everyone can do it!

The Fanya Mambo Program seeks to address problems associated with a lack of jobs and job skills training, and the degradation of the urban landscape in Kenya and other cities across Africa. We find sites and projects that benefit from green construction projects, and teach others in the community, skills in green construction.

Dec 18, 2010


As the year draws to an end, we the Fanya Mambo team, is very pleased with the progress of this program. When we first hit the ground with this idea, the neighborhood of Maringo Estate in Nairobi was in a very sorry state. You could see trash of all kinds littered almost everywhere but thanks to our initiative the local authorities now seems to be doing something. Recently i was shocked to notice them cleaning up a pile of garbage that we have been trying to wipe out but could not since we only recycle used plastic bottles and plastic bags, which in most cases turn out to be almost 50% of the pile. That means that even if we wipe out the plastics completely, the remaining garbage which is mainly organic also needs to be taken care of.

Its not only the local authority that is acting, i noticed another group that is also in this fight with us but from a different angle.Theirs is a much needed effort also, they are pressuring some of the major Supermarkets to look for alternative wrapping bags which are not made out of plastic. Going by the recent events, i can easily say that most of the affected parties have realized that "There is a time to joke around and there is a time to swallow a bone". Those my friends, are not my words but a proverb amongst my people.And as Chinua Achebe so famously observed, proverbs are the palm wine with which words are eaten.

Checkout the attached photos of our work so far!!